Project Renegades

Mark Buxton

Project Renegades Fragrance Mark Buxton-01
Mark Buxton
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Blistering rendition of smoky rose, with undertones of leather and fresh mustang sweat. Starts out green and trippy with basil and marijuana, gets down and dirty with a wild-at- heart rose firin’ off smoke and spice in all directions, then slinks into the woods all warm and ambery..

Mark is kinda the godfather of renegade ‘fumers. He was first to bust outta the mainstream back in the early nineties when he cooked up a series of breakout fragrances for subversive fashion label, Comme des Garçons. The first of these babes, Eau de Parfum, was said to work like a medicine and behave like a drug. Mark has worked and behaved in much the same way ever since.



Mark Buxton’s Renegades fragrance is woody and spicy, revolving round a smoky leather rose.
Top Notes:
Basil, lentisk, black pepper, cassis-flower, galbanum
Middle Notes:
Bay, rose, leather
Bottom Notes:
Labdanum, guaiacwood, vetiver, amber